Main uses of sodium p-toluene sulfonic acid

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1.used as sizing agent for chemical industry and synthetic detergents. As a water assistant solvent for synthetic detergents, adding powder detergent can increase water content, and at the same time, it has good effects in fluxes, hands and anti caking properties. It is also used as a crystalline additive in chemical fertilizer production.

2. in liquid detergent, it is mainly used as an increasing solvent. After adding sodium p-toluene sulfonate, the viscosity and cloud point will decrease. In use, we should pay attention to the content of raw materials, inorganic salts and solubility. Especially for liquid detergent, the content of its salt has a great effect on the transparency of the liquid.

3. used in the organic synthesis industry, used in the pharmaceutical synthesis of doxycycline, Pan Shengding, naproxen and the production of amoxicillin and cefadlol amoxicin intermediates.

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